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The holiday you want, the expertise you need

Hi, I'm Torsten, and welcome to Experience Scotland Differently! I can offer you the Scottish holiday you want! All my tours are custom-tailored to your needs and wants. No matter if you'd like to relax with a glass of Highland Malt Whisky and enjoy the beauty of the scottish countryside or have a week of adventure, staying in a tipi or anything in between. You can book your tour using paypal directly through my site. Alternatively if you prefer a more personal touch just give me a call on  44 134 3850540 or shoot me an email at torsten@scotlandtravel24.com and I'm sure I can offer you the perfect holiday.

Please check my promotional tour "The Dream Holiday" be the first ones helping me to fullfil also my dream

This year my Cottage is 100 Years old and I would like to celebrate by inviting people to my own house with free accommodation. This gives me the opportunity to offer my idea of a dream holiday and gives you complete freedom of choice to fulfill your own dream.
I'm living in a traditional Farm Cottage with a beautiful garden at the end of a country lane. I have one spare room which accommodates up to 4 people and a large Tipi which accommodates up to 6 people and a hiding place on top of my Pagoda. The rest is for you to discover and enjoy.
After each beautiful day we can sit down in the evening and decide what you want to do to make the next day just as good. Depending on your mood and the weather we can go as far afield as you want, just enjoy the local area or simply relax at home and charge your batteries. If you are looking for different tour possibilities, feel free to check my day trips. This area is perfect for almost any outdoor activities, you can hire professional instructors for any of them.


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