Our first stop is at Lochindorb to see the castle ruins where the Wolf of Baddinoch, who was a major influence in the area, is said to have played chess with the devil.

We will then cross over Dava Moors, which has stunning countryside and views especially in Spring when the heather is in full bloom and blankets the ground.

The next stop is Carrbridge and the Landmark Adventure park. This is a one day trip in itself as there is so much to do there for all ages.

Then on to Aviemore, Loch Morlich and the Reindeer Centre at the foot of the Cairngorm Mountains. There you can learn all about these animals and also meet them in person. There is a funicular railway to the top of the mountain or if you are feeling slightly more energetic there are several walks that can be done.

In the winter it is possible to hire equipment for either snowboarding or skiing, with instruction classes if needed.

If the day is not busy enough for you there is a lovely stop on the return journey at Randolphs Leap along the river Findhorn.

Cairngorm National Park Gallery

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