Findhorn is a relaxed traditional fishing village with a beautiful bay where you can see the Osprey and Seals. The village is now in it's third generation having been first claimed by shifting sand dunes and secondly by the sea. It is still possible to see one of the original cottage chimneys at Culbin Sands. This is a unique nature reserve with interesting plants and a newly built observation tower which enables you to see the Moray Firth at close distance.

We will finish the day at the Findhorn Foundation which is partly responsible for having put Findhorn village on the map. The Foundation has been described as the "Vatican of the new age scene".

Whatever your philosophy, this place holds an interest for everybody due to it's living machine which is a natural sewage plant, one of the most incredible sandstone buildings and sancturies which leaves you at peace. The housing in this community is built with natural and Eco-friendly material and attracts people worldwide, seeking a more harmonious life routed within nature.

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Findhorn and it's Specialities Gallery

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