Another beautiful and scenic route through to Loch Ness where we hope to meet Steve, who is probably the closest relation of the Loch Ness monster and who has dedicated his life to the exploration of whether "Nessie" really exists or not.

From here we move onto Drumnadrochit where it is possible to investigate the monster in more depth (without getting wet!). There is also the opportunity to charter a boat to view Urquhart castle from the water.

Leaving Loch Ness in the distance I will take you into some of the most stunning countryside and onto a spectacular waterfall (which is a personal reminder for me of New Zealand) and a fantastic ruin where the occupants had a major influence on the world.

We will finish the day with Stuart who is the only original hobbit (that I know of) in the Scottish Highlands. You never know you may even be lucky enough to meet Gandalf at teatime.

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Legends: Loch Ness Monster, Steve and Stuart Gallery

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