The Black Isle is known for it's Highland seers and one is still working today. Returning home there is an hours walk through some magnificent old woodland, that resembles rainforest, with a lush density of moss and lichen hanging off the trees. The tallest tree in Britain can be found here.


The schedule for today needs to be flexible to maximize the possibility of seeing the Dolphins. as sightings are dependent upon the tide.Crossing the Kessoch Bridge at Inverness we will stop at the Dolphin Wildlife Centre where they monitor the most northern Bottlenose Dolphins in the world. Journeying on to Fortrose there is an increased opportunity to see Dolphins hunting and playing for the amusement of visitors. Further up the coast a professional boat trip is also available and you even have the chance to adopt a Dolphin. We will then move on to see the Fairy Glen with a small walk. From there we move onto a holy spring and if you leave a personal item of clothing there it is believed to hold special healing powers.

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