The title of this tour speaks for itself.

It is simply a fact of life that the Gulf stream runs along the coast of Scotland making ideal conditions for palm trees to grow along with many golf courses which have now spread deep into the Scottish countryside. Consequently, there is an unstoppable stream of golfers and if you are amongst this group, there is a vast choice of golf courses and Moray boasts some of the best.

Depending on your choices I would love to give you a fantastic golf experience in the country where golf originated. You can have a round of 9, 12 or 18 holes and if you feeling very ambitious many of the courses are available literally around the corner and we can sort out the possibility of playing two a day. 

I can assist you making the right choice, combining the golf adventure and a nice day trip with your family, booking tee times or if you interested meeting local people from the hobby golfer up to PGA Professionals.

You don’t have to worry about a thing except for taking in the beautiful views and putting the ball in the hole.

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